1898 wrecked in Straits of Magellan; no loss of life. (coal) - Auckland - Wellington - Montevideo (coal) - Rio de Janeiro (coal) - 1916 P&O Line took over NZSCo but the company continued to operate as before. services between New Zealand - Australia and Canada. 1917 torpedoed and sunk in English Channel; loss of one Crusader would later become containerised as Crusader Swire Container Service, part of Overseas Containers Ltd (OCL). 1942 torpedoed and sunk in N. Atlantic; loss of fity-one 1958 sold to Hector Whaling, renamed Enderby. lives. 1904 sold to Blackhall Coal Co., Christchurch, N.Z. The earliest outbound lists are from minor ports (ports other than Auckland or Wellington) and begin in 1886. New Zealand Company ships. The advent of the container ship (the Australian trade was one of the first to be containerised in the late sixties with the New Zealand trade following much later) and the rapid development of air travel presaged the end of the passenger/cargo liner in the 1960s and the conventional cargo liner in the 1970s. 1885 New Zealand ports became Auckland, Wellington, Lyttleton, Port Chalmers. Search our online database of nearly 2,500 ships. Welcome to the web site of The New Zealand Shipping Company Assn. Return voyages: New Zealand, Panama, Jamaica (Rangitane - one sailing only), London. Fitted ships with refrigerated capacity for NZ without written consent of life. document.write(""); document.write("TheShipsList"); In spite of the change in ownership, both NZSCo and Federal continued to enjoy considerable autonomy with the latter's founder Allan Hughes becoming chairman of NZSCo in 1920. Mediterranean Shipping Company (Aust.) Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company, Eastern & Australian Steam Navigation Company. Click the logo above to reach the ssMaritime FrontPage for News Updates & “Ship of … 1906 sold to C. Andersen, Hamburg Norman Kirk advocated for the creation of a New Zealand-owned shipping line as leader of the Opposition, which was Labour's policy at the 1969 and 1972 elections. - Papeete - Panama - Kingston - Port Everglades - Bermuda - London. P&O acquired many shipping lines worldwide - find out more about some of them in our Shipping Company Histories. 1954 MANZ service, 1954 transferred to Avenue Shipping, The company was formed to carry out the principles of systematic colonisation devised by Edward Gibbon Wakefield, who envisaged the creation of a new-model English society in the southern hemisphere. 1928-1929 Brief service between New Zealand - Australia - Panama - US / Canada east New Zealand firm that operates roll-on/roll-off freight and passenger shipping across the Cook Strait, between Wellington in the North Island and Picton in the South Island and trucking and logistics services across New Zealand, formerly under the separate companies Streamline Freight and Freight Lines Passenger services commenced in 2002 and operate under the Bluebridge brand. For a full listing of the holdings, please consult the NMM catalogue directly. 1950 sold by. (NZSCo London, 1939). document.write(".com'>"); Archive Collection. lives. 1928 sold to Norway became whale factory ship. document.write("slist@g"); As early as 1876, the Directors decided to receive on board each of their ships from three to five apprentices under indenture to the Company. Ship web site. 1966 transferred to Trident Tankers, operated by. document.write("mail"); Two further secondhand sailing … Bott, Alan, Sailing Ships of the New Zealand Shipping Company 1873-1900. 1920 became cargo only, 1924 sold to Italy renamed Moncenisio. Fitted ships with refrigerated … to W. A. Firth, Sydney. If you would like 1926 caught fire and sank at sea off St. Helena. Our expertise and use of high-quality materials means that our print colours are independently verified to last between 100 and 200 years. The following list was extracted from various sources. (Charles Knight & Co, London, 1973), Laxon, W A, Farquhar, I J, Kirby N J and F W Perry, Crossed Flags: The Histories of the New Zealand Shipping Company Ltd and the Federal Steam Navigation Company Ltd and their subsidiaries (World Ship Society, Gravesend, 1997), Waters, Sydney D, Ordeal by Sea: the (New Zealand Shipping) Company’s History in the Second World War. Includes details of the company's ships lost through enemy action, including the Turakina, victim of the German raider Orion in the Tasman Sea in August 1940 which was the first of the company's ships lost. The men and ships of the New Zealand Shipping company and their participation in the British Merchant Navy during WWII. The Canadian connection, the Canadian-Australian Royal Mail Line, 1901 to 1910, was a joint venture between New Zealand Shipping and the Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand. Some records of NZSCo area also held at the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington and the New Zealand Maritime Museum, Auckland. By 1878, the Chairman was able to state that: The company continued to pursue joint ventures and in partnership with Ellerman's and Port Line, the three companies formed the Montreal, Australia and New Zealand Line (MANZ) which operated from 1936 to 1971. The subsequent absorption of New Zealand Shipping Company, Federal Steam and Avenue Shipping Company into the General Cargo Division of P&O in 1971 was seen as a natural development. 1918 torpedoed and sunk in English Channel; loss of one The New Zealand Ship & Marine Society was formed in 1949 and was comprised of people from all sections of the community and from many different countries who have an interest in ships … sunk by German armed merchant cruiser Orion in Pacific; The New Zealand Company was a 19th-century English company that played a key role in the colonisation of New Zealand. and M. Kohli. 1940 torpedoed and sunk west of Cape Wrath; loss of two They initially purchased four sailing ships, followed by 12 more built new for the company in the years up to 1877. There are various types of lists including both outbound and inbound passengers at the various port of New Zealand. 1910 NZSCo together with Shaw, document.write("mail"); before being found and towed to Fremantle. The history of the New Zealand Shipping Company leaves no doubt as to the importance its Directors attached to training young men to become ships’ officers. (NZSCo, London, 1949), Waters, Sydney D, Clipper Ship to Motor Liner. Formed in London 1873. P&O acquired over 40 different shipping lines worldwide -find out more in our brief company histories. renamed Westmeath. (London, 1912), Haws, Duncan, Merchant Fleets 7: New Zealand Shipping & Federal SNCo. 1900 sold to Cia Trasatlantica, Bilbao renamed Antonio Lopez. renamed Augustus. 1936-1940 MANZ Line service between Montreal - Halifax - Saint John NB - Panama - New Zealand Shipping Company. 1941 torpedoed and sunk in N. Atlantic; loss of thirteen Finally the Dolphin Line (1967-1971) was a joint service formed of conventional cargo ships to supplement the OCL service; the partners were NZSCo, Scottish Shire and Clan Lines, Shaw Savill and Ocean Steamship Company. Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. This service closed in 1971. Tenerife. New Zealand Shipping Co. Ltd. v. A. M. Satterthwaite & Co. Ltd., or The Eurymedon (/ j ʊəˈr ɪ m ə d ɒ n /) is a leading case on contract law by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.This 1974 case establishes the conditions when a third party may seek the protection of an exclusion clause in a contract between two parties. 1883-1885 London - Plymouth (passengers) - Tenerife (coal) - Cape Town (coal) - Hobart Images and index of the ship passenger lists from Archives New Zealand. Membership of the association is open to all former employees of the New Zealand Shipping Company, both sea based or ashore. loss of sixteen lives. All were just over 1000 gross tons. 1914 captured and sunk by Kaiser Wilhelm Der Grosse near Crusader Line (1957-1967), a joint service from New Zealand to the West Coast of the United States and to Japan (in partnership with Shaw Savill, Port Line and Blue Star) was another Pacific venture. to trade under their own name and colours. London renamed Otarama, 1928 sold to Italy renamed Amaranto. ex- Breeze, 1900 purchased from Canterbury SS Co., NZ renamed 1949 sold to Grimaldi, Italy as emigrant ship, renamed Auriga. 1917 sunk by German commerce raider Moewe. (Incorporated), dedicated to the memory of the 1906 Joint service with Houlders and Shire Line commenced (see routes). 1899 drifted for 4 months after propeller shaft snapped, life. document.write(".com'>"); The New Zealand Shipping Company (NZSC) was formed in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1873. Tenerife(coal) - Plymouth (disembark passengers) - London. all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. document.write("
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