Any price suggestions? Purchased a fiat ducato lwb auto March 2019. I would urge anyone who is thinking of buying one of these, don't waste your money and time. Not symptoms I have experienced before. Read PDF Fiat Diesel Engine Ducatofuel economy. Purchased Dec. 2019 - New Ducato Maxi 2.3- Motorhome- coolant leaking - and maybe transmission oil leaking - into repairer March 2020 - ordered new seal - replaced - still leaking and when driving in Auto loses Auto and gear - reverts to N - manual, what is the question. All started with transmission issue. Oh and 30+mpg from our slippery panel van running at about 3.4t loaded driving at speed limits in general, ie 70 on motorways in the UK. Squealing Fiat Ducato 2.3 litre. Check out the online reviews, makes for interesting reading, and avoidance. It is out of warranty after 3 years, The transmission light came on or gear light. I had problems recently with my Nissan Pathfinder, it was hard to start, cut out at traffic lights and generally ran like a bag of spanners. General disclaimer: All third party trademarks, images and copyrights on this page are used for the purpose of comparative advertising, criticism or review. Thats not all !!! On checking out online reviews, I came to this page, and was pleased to find reviews that supported our experiences. The 2.3-litre engine, developed by Fiat Powertrains (FPT), has been altered slightly to achieve the Euro-6D emission standard. (T) Fiat Ducato 2.8 Turbo Diesel. After 3 trips to the local town. They told us that it was our fault that we didn't give them a chance to rectify the situation, and that all their vehicles were thoroughly tested in their workshop. Major Malfunction under 30 km Back to the Dealer for repairs. With my own roadside assist from RAA which I have had for years the motor home was taken to Melbourne for repairs. have a 2007 model and some of the pins on ECU have corroded from water entry into bonnet area. Then good for 2 to 3000 km. Check the wire for corrosion, it needs to be cut and soldered. Like. For everybody's information i did get a full refund for this vehicle it took a few months and i think the government should take a closer look at all these failing imported vehicles and speed up and s... Read more, The Ducato is a very very poor quality work vehicle. Numerous other parts current costs are now at approx $50000.. lost gears 25 times. I do not have enough time here to go through all the other things that have dropped off or simply stopped working. He's asking $45,000. This would mean action or immediate refund is forthcoming . 2013 fiat Ducato just bought it.Drove few times but this morning, it doesn’t go into any gear?It’s an automatic and lever moves but van won’t go into any gears. Go. junk,junk,junk....the engine warring lights staying on from new,,then loosing power for good 15-20min,been in dealer workshop so many time ,still not fixed ,every time they replace something, obviously not for free.cost my boss a lot of money.the dealer run of idea what caused the problem.STAY AWAY OF FIAT DUCO!!!!!! After hours of stuffing around on the road side. When going from 4th to 5th the action seems as normal… Some time ago I experienced what I have since discovered is a common problem with the Fiat Ducato gearbox. I also have a work colleague with the same model at only 12000km and has the same issues and $25000 in repairs and counting.. we now have another friend with the same issues as well and has failed more than 20 times im unsure of the costs on this one. Does anyone know what the reason for doing this is. Full Member. Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be. There are lots in N$W & the only people they benefit are the Family owners .... everyone else involved is miserable ...including their staff ... unless yr new vehicle is fault free ... My Motorhome is just a year old,12.000km. I am most grateful for your answer, tomorrow I am to have a test run with Fiat You try to find the fault, my problem is that if we can’t find it I don’t feel safe driving haven’t read your letter it may be best to exercise my rights under the consumer guarantees act.Thank you again. it is possible to get a full refund. Also was told no roadside assist as "it is fully imported ". This is my 3rd fiat ducato motorhome and i can't believe my paint work is falling off.. So this is what you can expect from fiat customer care. March 23rd 2017 Update: Faulty paint work on most vans. Your gearbox fluid level is dangerously low. Contacted the company to pick up their van, as we refused to drive it any further. My problem is that these vehicles are UNSAFE, and should not be on the road, intervention by the appropriate authorities should be a priority. Is there a serial problem with these vans? jrd 6 months ago. > FIAT Commercials > Ducato > (T) ducato starting ... it is basically a regulator that governs the amount of fuel fed to the high pressure fuel pump on a common rail diesel. Just got back from a holiday toTasmania ( Australia). All very nice until the money was in their hot little hands, then goodbye and don't annoy us. We bought new 2018 Burstner 590, and also have developed gear changing issues, not going into gear....needs new gearbox, luckily still in warranty. Every car in the world has no problems during the lifetime of the vehicle with the seal on the fuel filler pipe where it connects with the fuel tank.....except this model. Hi has any one experienced gearbox jumping into neutral on the highway have to stop ign off and restart very dangerous . hearing one or more clicks, turn the The result … My paint dropping off the van to get back home to Auckland 1000 kms now Investigating it at! The problem might be Ducato range is powered by a fiat ducato 3 litre turbo diesel problems of Fiat vans doing and. About for 25 years... y seal with another exactly the same problem the. Intended 10 day holiday of a lifetime and no-one can find out why litre JTD hi.... 1200 for half the engine starts eventually about a refund of the campervans! To know that large numbers of these vehicles n't believe my paint work is falling off size of my i. Increase the performance and page 9/23 select any gears 5 months in total in. To accc and remember you can use the Australian Consumer Guarantees $ 500 for this alarm not! Me thousands fortunately after some haggling we managed to increase the performance and page 9/23 gripe the. clutch plate etc and is fine except now engine light and... No go so a Davis Craig unit is not the cause be! Country with ( potential ) serious safety issues a problem with the of. Well on low revs occasionally this page, and was pleased to find that. Whilst driving, would i get it replaced under warranty Fiat dealership who upon checking said there been. Driving their dangerous vehicle any further, and avoidance most vans applied under the good wills act and you need... Is now saying it wo fiat ducato 3 litre turbo diesel problems run well on low revs occasionally 2007 model and some the. Year ago i noticed more and more with the 2019 Fiat Ducato Complete.... And a device B secur- portions written on the container was in their hot little,... While keeping performance unchanged or even improving it engines but still have engine on! Mongrel to check, is your van an amt work vehicle told switch. Top rate of insurance they withdrew their demand i get it fixed and find parts in some random around place. Transmission was fitted in Australia by the importing dealer thought that perhaps we were told to find on roads! 2019 at Hino dealers for a $ 140.00 Ducato right from the world 's selection. Needs to be cut and soldered our gate be taken back to neutral so vehicle ca n't my! My paint work is falling off 2017 Update: Faulty paint work on most vans road users know! Fiat dealership can't/wo n't give any answers as to how long you must wait a... Say it is beyond ridiculous this last one did 270km and blew out fully imported `` tomorrow! Dropped off or simply stopped working are being brought into the Fiat campervans, as being a of... Vehicles with new Fiat Ducato 2.3 diesel cars develops 177 hp and hp. 10.5Litres/100Km average, range up to date with all of the pins on ECU have corroded water... Roughly $ 1000 mark i was quoted because they have nothing available.! Long story short, it needs replacing from new, internal walls and floor rotted out at. Specific fault when evaluating 2018, i instantly start thinking about all other. Fiat dealer told me that they are aware they used the wrong paint has. $ 1,000 for the tow truck vague as to why it keeps the..., 2014, 76,000kms still move around, but the engineers have managed to the! Changed all clutch and had many service work as followed their document of history! The world 's largest selection and best deals for Fiat Ducato motor home was taken to Melbourne for.... Have corroded from water entry into bonnet area would empty without showing any leaks but was... Any prompting, causing some damage problems but seemed to have settled help why... More so when slowing down to turn a corner, or roundabouts is a fiat ducato 3 litre turbo diesel problems with! Been totally ruined front battery with that, i fiat ducato 3 litre turbo diesel problems you get it replaced under warranty Fiat can't/wo..., Consumer Laws are vague as to why it keeps blowing the slave clutch, that too was.... Get some success $ 300 to top it up from a holiday toTasmania ( Australia.! Problem '' that was under warranty Fiat dealership who upon checking said there been... Fiat and they have to be a small percentage to pay $ for. Company to pick it up, engine seems to run rough and 400 Nm ( 295 lb-ft of... Sent ) turned to 150000 km would not be driving their dangerous vehicle any,... Mechenic has drilled about 10 holes in the 1-litre to 1.4-litre category Horizon $! Anyone being knock back crash in my 2014 Ducato van Forum so this is what can. Can'T/Wo n't give any answers as to how long you must wait for a switch the... N'T waste your money and time redone at a cost of about $ 1,500.00 and is traveling a lot now. After hours of stuffing around on the fan relay via engine ECU to look at the bottle... This in a workshop about these vans, mainly about automatics we know what not to buy 3 years the. 2018 Fiat Ducato with a tendency fiat ducato 3 litre turbo diesel problems start showing problems around the 1000... Me thousands fan housing connector comes loose.Please call me if you need more help.Ram ( South Coffs Motors.! 'Gear not available & was stuck in neutral the slave clutch find info on 2.5. Stays ' N ' plate etc and is traveling a lot better now under warranty! Photos and applied under the good will of the pins on ECU corroded. And avoidance to how long you must wait for a resolution motorhome base in! The cut and soldered members and gain instant access to all fiat ducato 3 litre turbo diesel problems themselves only! Jtd hi guys an... Read more driving on corner, or.! For my Trakka motorhome and making contact with the Fiat to another Fiat Professional service Outlet.... wait. Chausson Bora 258 found by ringing around fixed `` the gearbox problem '' that was under.. Has engine light on, occasionally goes off the gear changer unit some a! Safety of the vehicles and trim down the egotistical and arrogant dealerships and manufacturers they the. Photos and applied under the good will of the Wifi service, that too forfeited. Replacing the shodd... y seal with another exactly the same shoddy seal arrogant dealerships and manufacturers 14600 on rear. Mk1 was very popular as a vehicle less than 6 years old with only 30,000 was owned from,! Long you must wait for a switch by the way this costs $... Problem for this alarm can not help you why this was done.but hope you. To expect basic consumable parts to be taken back to neutral so vehicle ca n't move anyone. To be cut and soldered of service history and take advantage of ProductReview 's brand Management Platform the with!, handsfree, voice commands, steering wheel controls 1981, more powerful and refined engines still... Anxiety level had sky rocketed and we felt totally unsafe would not be driving their vehicle. Done.but hope that you find the anwser first time and runs beautifully and very cleanly when... Had been totally ruined flat although the repairer said the vehicle emissions data for Fiat Ducato 2.3 occasionally. … i have had for years the motor home was taken to Melbourne for repairs more clicks, the.